Monday, July 5, 2010

The "Bull Buster"

Here's a card I found in my Dad's box of old stuff. It almost got thrown out.

Rick Buckner (Bay City Ballers 1969-73) was dubbed the "Bull Buster" after he hit a grand slam against the Balzac Bulls in 1973 to win the regional championship.
He was drafted into the Majors by the Huston Astros the following year but died before he played one game after he ate a styrofoam muffin by mistake.

I didn't make another one but I did manage to find a mint condition card.


  1. Nice back-story there, I almost believed that this dude existed LOL! The character is excellent, the typography is excellent, the card texture is excellent, everything about this is excellent. Great work Malcolm!

  2. Awesome stuff! If you didn't add the styrofoam muffin bit I would have believed it haha!